So you read my Staging vs Vacant home post and you want to know more about Staging – but you’re on a budget??

So here are some CHEAP and Easy Staging tips even the pros employ.

1. You don’t need to do EVERY room.  Stage the main living area – Great Room / Family Room, Master Bedroom, maybe the dining room.

It doesn’t have to be over the top – sometimes you’re just trying to get a buyer without vision to see what a room is and maybe how to lay out their furniture.

2. Maybe you’re deciding replace that couch your dog chewed…maybe keep it in the house and have it removed before closing.

In the meantime, it serves you well to keep that area of the house from being completely empty.

You’re not taking the futon from college to your new home?  Put it in the master bedroom.  It isn’t ideal, but the buyer will get the picture.

3. You can beg, borrow and steal furniture to help out. 

Most people have stuff they don’t want or need.  They’re on social media trying to get $75 for a dining room table that their cat used to sharpen her nails.  

Lots of friends, family and neighbors have stuff in storage, in the garage, or have been meaning to unload stuff… so help them out.  Rent a van from Home Depot for $20 and fill ‘er up.

Yard Sale?  yep…

Spy something on the curb and not so bad? Dah-dah-dah (yes – old VW commercial reference)

4. Clearance and Dollar Stores…

An OLD decorator trick if you need a “bed” in a space is to get banker boxes….or any other boxes…and create a fake bed.  Throw an old comforter over it and a couple smaller boxes under where the pillows would be and Voila!

Card tables can be covered with a table cloth even with folding chairs.  Most thrift stores have plenty of old folding tables if you don’t.

Heck… double sided tape on a piece of black poster-board could create the illusion of a flat screen TV!

I’m not advocating leaving old beaten up and stinky garbage in the house – obviously use some caution with the stuff you found in a shed at a 3rd cousin’s house.  You don’t want to add bugs or smells!

If this helps you sell for even a little more, you’ll be glad for the effort!



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